Cold Feet!!

, 6/24/2012

Aaahh, my first craft show is next Saturday night and I'm getting nervous! Who's got some last minute tips?

And no, I'm still not ready. O_O. I still need to work on getting a table, how to set up my displays, and making signs. Aacck!

In case you forgot, its the Night Owl Market in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!!

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Sandi Holland Says:

Don't forget your handouts so that visitors can find you online after the show is over. You can use a printed flyer, a tri-folded printed brochure or the old common business cards if you have to resort to that:)

The more in advance you get your stuff ready, the more time you'll have to try out your display at home. Assemble it, either inside or outside, in various layouts until you find the one that will work the best. Good luck!

UpcycleFever Says:

thanks! I definitely need to try out the display as much as possible. awesome advice. Says:

So exciting!!
I still haven't decided if my items are something I should bring to a show or not. Maybe once my sales increases I will give it a try. (I make everything when it has been ordered to keep cost down)

But the best of luck to you!!!
~Helena, a fellow DDT member.

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