Craft Show.... Success!!

, 7/06/2012

I have to say my first craft show at the Night Owl Market was a success!! (wooo excitement!) There are so many awesome things I learned. Selling at a show allowed me to realize what works and what doesn't, as well as which items people flock the most to. I will definitely be making more pacman polymer clay earrings :P

My Booth Setup 
Craft Show Chalkboard meme sign on UpcycleFever
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Indie craft bazaar booth setup on UpcycleFever

Quick Insights
Take all online advice with a grain of salt: Most advice I'd seen online about craft shows were spot on. Like have a mirror if you sell wearables, have plenty of business cards, or wear your own items to your show. But, boy were they all wrong about prices & dealing with people. Several crafters advise you to clearly show your prices, don't haggle your customers, and engage them with light talk and a smile. Well, for me in South Florida that was wrong wrong wrong. I did not make one sale until I removed all my price tags, starting haggling customers (not aggressively, just telling them prices & cutting them deals), and actively engaging anyone that cruised by my area.

It's all about curb appeal: Have a theme with your booth set up that matches your products & brand. As an avid "upcycler", I did not print a banner and instead painted a random piece of wood of chalkboard paint. I didn't buy standard jewelry stands, but made some out of paper towel rolls & used old corkboards. Because of these subtle changes, my booth stood out and caught people's eyes.

TLDR: Do your research, Know your customers, & Match your booth setup to your brand!

By the way, I will be vending at another show in Pompano Beach this Saturday 07/07! The City Wide Market event details can be found here

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All Unwound Says:

Congrats!! and thanks for all the details.

Hope you have fun/success at the Pompano show!

Sandi Holland Says:

Congrats! You sound excited. Your tips are great and you re-bounded on the spot from advice that didn't work. You were very observant. I'm not surprised about the PacMan earrings, especially for youth/young adults. I guess you'll be running around so much to markets now that we'll rarely read you. (:
I'm going to share your post at my blog.

Sandi Holland Says:

Shared here w/1 image:

UpcycleFever Says:

Thanks! And I really appreciate the share!

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