Fun with Denim

, 7/14/2012

My newest obsession, turning fuggly old jeans into cute frill summer shorts! It's simple and easy. All you need is a sewing machine, scissors, bleach, fabric pain or markers, and some embellishments (ie sequins or scrap fabric)!

Bleach paint and leather pocket shorts on UpcycleFeverFabric Embellished Shorts on UpcycleFever

Half Bleach Dip and Painted Pocket Denim on UpcycleFeverBleach Tye Dye Capri on UpcycleFever

Bleach Dipped Shorts on UpcycleFeverSequin Pocket Gray Denim Shorts on UpcycleFever

Frilly Pink Polyester Shorts on UpcycleFeverLace heart Shorts on UpcycleFever

The best part about it, you can make daintiest frilliest cute shorts or the grungiest craziest pair you've ever seen. Depends on the mood. and supplies of course! :P

6 Response to "Fun with Denim"

Sheryl Hastings Says:

What cute ideas and what fun they would be to wear!

UpcycleFever Says:

Thanks! Funny thing, I couldn't bring myself to sell some of these and I kept em for myself! Haha.

ChatterBlossom Says:

These are great! I love the pink ones! Just stopping by from team upcyclers and I'm glad I did cause this is a great idea! ;-)

Monica Says:

These are sooo cute! I'll have to try some of these ideas!

p.s. I found you through etsy team student sellers (and left you a message on the blog discussion page)

:) I'm now following and would love if you followed back.
(and you'd even get free ad space! )

UpcycleFever Says:

hey there! thanks for stopping by! I followed you back, let me know how the adspace thing works! You can etsy convo me or email

I love whats in your shop! :P

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