Betsey Johnson! Closing Out Clearance!!

, 6/16/2012

My lovely readers, you must know that I'm a cheapskate that lives for sales. Well mosey on over to your local mall and find a Betsey Johnson!! She's closing out all retail locations and selling everything for the cheap from the actual mannequins to shoes.
Johnson lovers, don't worry, I think she still has a line at Macy's!
Check out these beauties I snagged for $30! (original price, somewhere over $100 you don't even want to know)

4 Response to "Betsey Johnson! Closing Out Clearance!!"

Chez Violette Says:

I love it ! Beautiful shoes, lucky girl :)

UpcycleFever Says:

Thanks! I'm breaking them out first chance I get! ;)

blog Says:

I love her jewelry. I will have to meander over and see what I can find!

Ana Says:

Nice shoes and what a great bargain too!

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