Shops of the Month: Bead Lovers Korner

, 10/06/2012

Blue White Glass Charm by Bead Lovers Korner on Upcycle FeverFrom awhile, I'll be featuring TWO shops each month! Whoop! And just in time for the holiday season! First up for the month of October is the lovely Gari Anne from Bead Lovers Korner. Don't forget to show some love and check her links out at the bottom!

When did you know you wanted to create and sell handmade items?

Green White Glass Charm by Bead Lovers Korner on Upcycle FeverI started making beaded jewelry about 12 years ago. I opened a shop on Ebay, where I sold a few things, but ended up mostly selling beads. I joined Etsy 2 years ago and since then have been making and selling a lot more of my creations.

Where does your inspiration come from?
I give all credit for my inspirations to God

What’s the most memorable custom item you’ve created?
Halloween Pumpkin Earrings by Bead Lovers Korner on Upcycle FeverMy Rainbow Moonstone Goddess Necklace would be the most memorable because I made it by flashlight! We had several Hurricanes go through Central Florida years back and I sat and made many items with a flashlight type lamp that my husband set up for me.

Besides creating things, what do you do?
Turquoise Rosary Beads by Bead Lovers Korner on Upcycle FeverI have an ebay store and a website as well as my Etsy Shop. I work full time at home selling my creations and other beads. I am an Authorized Dealer for Carlo Biagi Jewelry and Landmark Travel beads so with all of that I stay really busy.

What is the most important advice anyone has given you?
"Be nice to everyone because you never know who you are talking to."

What is the most important advice you'd like to give to other Etsy sellers?
Be determined, don't give up if you don't get sales instantly. It takes time and effort to build up enough items, with the right pictures, at the right price for the right buyers!!

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6 Response to "Shops of the Month: Bead Lovers Korner"

Seventy1Percent (Rebecca) Says:

Gari Anne, I love your story about the Rainbow Moonstone Goddess Necklace. That's pretty cool!

Gari Anne Says:

Thanks Rebecca, I actually think it was Hurricane Frances... We didn't have power for like a week with that storm.

Bee Busby Says:

Great advice Gari Anne! Love your shop!

MadScientistsDesigns Says:

I remember that hurricane. It took 3 days to get past us, the we had no electricity for 9 1/2 days. Love the story of beading by flashlight! Congrats on the feature.

Rachel Says:

You are a very busy lady! Great feature and I enjoyed learning more about you :-)

Recreationalart Says:

Love this!!! Gari Anne rocks ;)

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