Event Review: Downtown Open Market in Boca

, 10/09/2012

Event: Downtown Open Market
Date: Monthly, Every 3rd Sunday from 10am-4pm
Location: 308 S. Federal Hwy Boca Raton, Florida 33432

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  • FREE! - free to park, and no admission charge
  • Variety - Most craft shows have tons of jewelry vendors, and this event was no exception. However each vendor had different types and price ranges than the other. Everything from computer chip resin charms to high class beaded necklaces. I also spotted some items that I don't often see at shows such as quilts, pet items, custom painted vans, and detailed paintings.
  •  Great location - The craft booths are in a lovely plaza full of local shops and restaurants, which is a benefit for the customers and vendors! Its also great that it's on a paved road and not in grass. It's also very easy to find, right on the corner of a main street.
  • Outdoors - Of course, Florida weather is unpredictable and you never know when it will death rain, drizzle softly, or glare down heat like hell on Earth.
  • Low turnout? - When I scoped this show out, it was an overcast day but there was no rain. I'm not sure if this factored into how little people were there. I also showed at closer towards the end at 3pm, so I can't speak for the early afternoon
  • No extra programming - There didn't seem to be any extra activities or programming at this event. For example, food trucks, a local singer, health booths, and so on. I love to mosey through booth and check stuff out, but it was a little to quiet and dull for me. Live music or something would have been nice!
Vendor Tips
  • Not sure if electricity was provided, but I doubt it
  • Bring a tent! Although it didn't seem to be required, the vendors under a tent looked more presentable and professional.
  • Bring snacks! The restaurants look like they had tasty food, but they also looked a little pricey!
  • Turnout could be hit or miss. I spoke to some vendors and found that several did great while others did poorly. Just depends on the batch of folks that show up that day. Again, there may have been less people due to a chance of rain, but overall vendors said this event is hit or miss.

Bottom Line - A great event to check out local crafters and their wares. Not entirely family friendly if you are looking for a day full of activities, but awesome if you wanted to sit down for Sunday lunch afterwards!

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