Event Review: The Market at Memorial Hospital Miramar

, 9/23/2012

Hello folks! I'm adding another feature to my blog that I hope will help consumers and vendors a like. Ever hate the feeling of not knowing which markets or indie craft shows are good enough to bother attending or for selling your wares? I've been scoping some events out, and I'll help you decide with a quick review (hopefully)!

Event: The Market at Memorial Hospital Miramar
Date: Weekly, Sunday from 9am-2pm
Location:1901 Southwest 172 Avenue Miramar, FL 33029

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  • Variety - There was a great range of vendors and products, from fresh squeezed juice to homemade soaps, from sour orange trees to dietary supplements.
    • I highly recommend you check out Frozen Fresh juice blends and Herbeque's pulled pork or mac n cheese ~DELISH! :D
  •  FREE!! - free to park, and no admission fee. Yay!
  • Family friendly - The event definitely catered to all ages, with live entertainment that included Zumba for Kids, Dancercise, and Flamenco! But I'm not sure if on stage performances are weekly.
  • Informative - Several Memorial booths were there and chock full of health info. There were also demonstrations that included topics like brown bag composting, hospital food, and french cuisine.
  • Easy to find - If you miss a giant hospital with a field of tents, you need more than Google Maps.
  • Mucky - Due to the on and off rain, the grass got very muddy in spots. It honestly felt like quicksand! They tried to rectify with mulch, but they couldn't get all of it.
  • Early Bird - I'm not a morning person, so the time frames are kind of blah to me. I'm not getting up for anything on a Sunday at nine in the morning!
  • Outdoors - Of course, Florida weather is unpredictable and you never know when it will death rain, drizzle softly, or glare down heat like hell on Earth.
Vendor Tips
  • Jewelry didn't seem to sell, but of the two booths present one was high class sterling beaded jewelry and the other looked liked overpriced dollar store accessories.
  • Wear shoes you don't care about! The evil mud will ruin you.
  • Need electric? Bring a generator and loooooooong extension cords
  • If it does rain, it would be nice if your tent set up allowed customers some shelter
Bottom Line:  The Market at Memorial Hospital Miramar is a great event for all ages and you'll be sure to find some sort of organic snack, juice, or body product, plants, and other goodies. Worth it!

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Lindsay Bleier Says:

This is SO good to know being a local! Looking forward to more posts ! <3<3

UpcycleFever Says:

awesome, glad its useful!!

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