Shop Anniversary Contest!

, 3/10/2013

I opened up my Etsy shop UpcycleFever last March and to celebrate, it's CONTEST time! My shop has definitely grown and I've learned SO many things this past year. I'm having so much fun creating things and figuring out ways to upcycle items into awesome wearables.

So, here's what you have to do! Very simple really! Comment below with EITHER your favorite upcycling DIY project idea (link or quick explanation) OR the best advice you would give to a new Etsy shop owner!

The winner will receive a pair of studs and a bottle cap key chain (of their choice), and I will make new blog posts with all the coolest replies!

Congratulations to Erin Lee! Please email for details on how to redeem your prizes!

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Katelyn Says:

Bright photos and promotion through teams is extremely beneficial. :) That is my advice, if that counts, lol. Awesome giveaway!

Gari Anne Says:

Advice to new sellers would be to list as many items as possible, the more items you have the more chances you have it will be what someoe is looking for!

Plumeria M. Accessories Says:

My advice is: join teams and be active!
I'm active and I use games to spread to word about my shop.

Also good pictures help you to be in a treasury easy.
I use a lot of clean backgrounds. Your item will pop out!


GeekConundrum Says:

I agree: teams are great and resource to be used right away! I absolutely LOVE upcycling in any way possible, have you heard of TerraCycle? AWESOME company. The most recent example I have of upcycling is a friend painted a bunch of toilet paper rolls, bent them at the ends for feet/ears so that they looked like owls! She filled them with a few small candies each and sent her son to school with really fun Valentines to pass out to his second grade class!

Melissa Says:

I will have to give advice on Etsy.. I would say…the pictures! Make your pictures of your items beautiful! Get a backdrop- or at least a piece of white poster board and some good lighting to make your item stand out! Favorite many people and their items! Networking really does help! I make tons of treasuries, and in return I get featured in other people's. Teams are great, join a few of them and try to be as active as possible- share your items, share your treasuries. Use your entire title character limit- instead of putting something like "blue bottle cap necklace" put "beautiful cobalt blue fashionable up cycled bottle cap necklace made from recycled materials- save the earth" or something. (you get the point!) Lots of Facebook, pinterest, twitter, and word of mouth promotion also helps to get more people to your shop. Good luck!!

Melissa from

ErinLee93 Says:

Here's my favorite upcycle project I've done:

I turned an old crib rail into an accessory rack!

Kare Says:
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Kare Says:

The advice I would give to a new Etsy shop owner is to use natural light when taking pictures. It has made a huge difference for me.

UpcycleFever Says:

Congratulations to Erin Lee! Please email for details on how to redeem your prizes!

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