Shops of The Month: Seventy1Percent

, 12/16/2012

The 2nd shop of the month is run by the dynamic duo John & Rebecca. Thanks to the owners of the shop Seventy1Percent, for sharing their two cents. Be sure to check out their Twitter, Facebook, and website!

Surf T Shirt Mens by Seventy1Percent on Upcycle FeverWhen did you know you wanted to create and sell handmade items? I lost my job. Rebecca told me to "Seas the Day" and go for it. I had always had a dream to create my own tees. She told me to use this negative and turn it into a positive. 
Pink beach diva onesie by Seventy1Percent on Upcycle Fever 
Where does your inspiration come from? The initial inspiration was a love for the ocean and its beauty. We are also inspired by other water related activities, sea life, and our customers. 

What’s the most memorable custom item you’ve created? A super cool tee customized for a rock band. 

Womens T Shirt Wake Up by Seventy1Percent on Upcycle FeverBesides creating things, what do you do? We are a husband and wife team who love to surf, bike, do yoga, and enjoy life. 

What is the most important advice anyone has given you? My mom said not to be scared. She said it was F.E.A.R. "False Evidence Appearing Real." 

Sharks are my Friends by Seventy1Percent on Upcycle FeverWhat is the most important advice you'd like to give to other Etsy sellers? Go for it with your full heart! Create and be proud of what you do. If you fall, get back up and keep moving.

4 Response to "Shops of The Month: Seventy1Percent"

Gari Anne Says:

Terrific post!!

Recreationalart Says:

Nice!!! Love your tees...AND your work ethics!

Seventy1Percent Says:

@Recreationalart- Thanks Rose!

@Marcia Dee- So flattered you wrote a blog post about us!!! Love that you take things which would some would consider useless, and turn them into something new AND fashionable.

Thank you so much for showcasing us on your blog! We are super grateful and we'll be back!

John, Rebecca, and Peps

UpcycleFever Says:

Thanks for stopping by folks!

And keep being awesome John & Rebecca!

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