Shops of the Month: Cyndie Smith Designs

, 12/06/2012

Virtual round of applause for our first Etsy shop feature for the month of December. Fellow Team FEST member and Floridian, Cyndie from Cyndie Smith Designs stops by for a chat. You can also find her on Facebook and on Blogger.

When did you know you wanted to create and sell handmade items?
I've been creative all my life and dabbled in a few mediums, like pottery and painting. But when I took my first metalsmith lesson, I was hooked and knew I'd found my place!
Copper & Silver Cuff by Cyndie Smith Designs on Upcycle Fever
Where does your inspiration come from?

Sterling Silver Star Pendant by Cyndie Smith Designs on Upcycle FeverMost of my inspiration comes from nature but a couple of series grew from emotional baggage. That was actually some of my best work, so I guess there's some truth to the old saying about tortured artists!

What’s the most memorable custom item you’ve created?
Silver and Gold Mod Ring by Cyndie Smith Designs on Upcycle FeverMy life cuff, which is also my avatar. It was created in honor of a friend who died too young from breast cancer. The cuff told a story of loss and love. I made so many custom for other folks, telling their stories, that I had to stop because it was emotionally draining.

Besides creating things, what do you do?

I love boating, growing Orchids and bicycling.

What is the most important advice anyone has given you?
Give thanks for all you have.

What is the most important advice you'd like to give to other etsy sellers?
Don't give up! Slow times can be discouraging so use that time to improve your shop. That way you'll be ready for the next up cycle of sales!

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Gari Anne Says:

Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!

Recreationalart Says:

Oh! Gis is such a fun way to get insight on such great artists like Cyndie and her beautiful creations!!!

Seventy1Percent Says:

Go Cyndie, Go Cyndie, Go GO GO Cyndie. Love her shop! Fun to read a little bit more about her!

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