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, 5/11/2012

I'm no expert, and I've only had a minor in Marketing. But, I'll tell you what, I am a g-ddamn good reader! There are two major themes that reappear in any and all articles on selling products online. Whether you use a site like Etsy or Ebay, or sell products online on your own site; these two themes will apply to you. Actually, I think these also apply to just plain blogging as well.

Number One - Photography Counts!!
A good clear picture gives your consumers a chance to see what your product is made of. Remember, they can't touch and feel your products, and rely solely on your depiction to make their assumptions.
Quick tips for good pics!

  • Keep it simple: Crazy patterns and busy backgrounds distract and take away from your product
  • Consider Models: If applicable, use people or models to exhibit items like jewelry and clothing. This way, a consumer can picture the item on themselves, especially if they see it looks good on someone else. Common sense really, you ever go to Target and see pictures of plain clothes?
  • Props Count: For certain items, props can make all the difference. But don't get carried away. For example, let's say you make lamps. A couple of snapshots of your lamp on a classy nightshade might make someone think, hmmm that might just look good in my own house.
  • Lighting is everything; Brighten your photos! Find any measly computer program that adjusts photos and you'll be set. Heck, I just use auto fix on my Windows Picture Manager and that usually does the trick!
Number Two - Search Engine Optimization
SEO huh? When someone is online searching the entire world of the internet, how do you expect them to find little old you? Using SEO tips can help your page and products get found online, if you use them right.
Quick tips to get clicks! (so maybe I like to rhyme, whatever)
  • Analytics are your friend: I beg you, use Google Analytics (Shop stats on Etsy) to find out how people get to your pages and what they used to get there.
  • Search Engines are also your friend: If you run a private site, search engines often have features where you can add your URL to their list. Nothing to lose there, and its simple.
  • Tag away: On hosted sites like, Ebay or Etsy tags can make all the difference. Use analytics to check periodically if your tags are actually working! Catering tags to current trends and holidays can also get you a few more views.
  • Titles? KISS (ie Keep It Simple Stupid): Especially on sites like Etsy, you don't want to ruin a good title. Include descriptive concise words that you can imagine buyers actually typing into their search bar. For example, if I made a fish painting I'd title it "Large Animal Painting - 10 feet by 10 feet Oil painting on canvas etc etc" instead of "Tuna at Sunset - An original handdrafted oil piece". Catch my drift?
Anyhoo, did you really read through all of that? Haha, just wondering. Here are some reference sites for good reading! 

I'll post more on online selling tips, we have much to learn grasshoppers. ;)

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