Etsy Tips: One Day Sales

, 4/27/2012

I wanted to sure some fabulous tips from Gena Divine, over at BakeAllTheThings on A lot of sellers wonder; Do one day sales work? How could I promote it? Is it even worth it? Well, Gena Divine can tell you that they DO work! Here is what she had to say.
I held a 28% off sale for 24 hours to celebrate my 28th birthday.

26 sales from 19 customers
17/19 new customers and only 5/19 were personal friends or family

What worked:
1 [by far the most successful]. Facebook - I have about 300 followers on Facebook and also about 600 personal friends/family members. I promoted the sale about 6 times in 24 hours on my Page and 3 times on my personal page.
2. Twitter - I have about 90 Twitter followers. I promoted the sale about 4 times in 24 hours. 5 followers re-tweeted sale info at least once.
3. Forum/Team postings - yes, I fully admit to commenting on some forum/team posts with thinly-veiled promotions. However, my comments were always relevant to the topics at hand.

What didn't work:
1. Shop announcement - this may have been because I didn't even THINK to list the sale in my shop announcement until the halfway mark.
2. Team promotion threads - none of my sales came as a result of posting in a promo thread for teams, despite doing this 3 times over 24 hours in about 30 different teams.

Overall impressions:
1. Thrilled that so many new customers gave my shop a chance!
2. Kinda glad that the % of customers I already knew in person was small
3. Good to know that Facebook is the best tool for my marketing
4. Glad to know I can stop posting in so many promotional team threads
5. Holy cow do I have a lot of baking to do in the next week!

Show Gena some love and thanks for the awesome insight by checking out her Etsy shop BakeAllTheThings and FB page here

Peanut Butter  Blondies by BakeAllTheThingsPaleo Chocolate Cookies by BakeAllTheThings

8 Response to "Etsy Tips: One Day Sales"

Rose Says:

I'm glad that your sale went well! Thanks for the great tips. I'll have to give this a try sometime.

UpcycleFever Says:

Thanks! Gena definitely gave me some good ideas for promotions. Let me know if it works out for you!

Splendid Little Stars Says:

very interesting information. not surprised that facebook was the best source.

Az Life and Style Says:

Interesting post! Thank you for following m blog! Don't forget to enter my giveaway as well! Ali :)

UpcycleFever Says:

Thanks! And I just did ;)

Satine Says:

Nice blog and interesting post :)
Follow me via GFC and let me know, then I'll follow you back immediately :)

UpcycleFever Says:

Thanks! I followed the fashion pages, looking forward to more gorgeous pics! btw, what language is the other one in? (curious)

Satine Says:

I'm from Poland :)
Thank you for following me, follow you back already ^^

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