Photography Tips!

, 2/19/2013

Thanks to friendly & wise Etsyians, I am chock full of photography advice. I just bought a new camera, and plan on learning how to use it to makes my photos more professional. Until then, I shall share some of the quick tips I've gotten!

Laces and Edgings Vintage Crochet Edging Patterns by HookStitchTreasure on UpcycleFever
Venice Photo, Bridge in Venice, 8x10 by SnapCandyFoto on UpcycleFever
Fox Happy Birthday Card,Woodland Animal Handmade Greeting Card by PiecesofMePaperCraft on UpcycleFever
Wedding Knit Ties set of four, Blue Wedding Knit Ties by KoutureCrochet on UpcycleFever
  • The more basic your camera, the more reliant you are on perfect lighting conditions
  • Complicated cameras give you more control, but take the time to practice!
  • "Bridge" cameras could be better for new learners, with a lot of features and lower prices
  • Don't ever use built in camera flash!
  • You want soft white light for product photos; go outdoors on an overcast day, indoors when the sun isn't to harsh, or invest in special daylight bulbs
  • It takes more time to clean up a mess and not make one, a photo program can only do so much! Get your photos done right the first time, before trying to edit away
  • Good lighting and learning your camera settings should amount to minimal tweaking in a photo imaging program
  • For product photos, use a plain background that doesn't distract!

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Mike Chase Says:

Great tips! These little tips and variations are what set a person apart from others in this era where everyone with a smartphone consider themselves as a photographer. I read some great beginner photography tips at shoot digital pics like the pros which really helped me progress in this field.

UpcycleFever Says:

that is a great site, thanks for sharing!

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