Easy Peasy No Sew Floral Print Dress

, 4/26/2012

Quick fix! Turned a granny skirt into a floral print dress without sewing!
Its easy!

Step One - find a thrift store, old lady’s closet, or garage sale to rummage for a skirt
Floral Print Granny Skirt on UpcycleFever
                                    Step Two - put skirt on at chest level & Step Three - belt it

Floral Print Dress on UpcycleFever

Step Four - laugh at anyone that bought a dress like it at Forever 21 for 22 bucks.
See? Didn't I tell you it was easy ;)

7 Response to "Easy Peasy No Sew Floral Print Dress"

Anonymous Says:

New friend from Etsy here... Super cute and easy dress! Great job girl! :)))

Jen Kidd

Anonymous Says:

Oops, my Etsy store is:

UpcycleFever Says:

Thanks! Appreciate it! I followed you back and I'm looking at your etsy shop now. I love it! You better be in business in two years for my wedding ;)

Indy Says:

Ahhh, this is awesome! I do this all the time!

UpcycleFever Says:

haha, even the part about laughing at anyone who bought a similar dress? lol

Splendid Little Stars Says:

Hey, that's great! clever you!

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